Monday, September 14, 2015

Cooking Without an Oven

I just published a new Hub on HubPages called How to Cook Without an Oven for people like me who have small kitchens and no oven or stove.  I learned that I can cook all kinds of easy meals in my electric skillet and crock pot. I make chili, pizza, cornbread, stir-fry, ramen noodles and more. I have added a hot plate burner, toaster oven, waffle iron and microwave but still use these two tools most often for meals.

I found that baking in the toaster oven doesn't work too well.  I tried making some cupcakes in a muffin tin that just didn't cook all the way through. I prefer to do my baking in the electric skillet because it cooks more evenly. Biscuits and cornbread cooks well in it without leaving raw spots. I can even bake a cake in it if I line the bottom with foil first, this makes getting it out of the pan a lot easier.

I will be posting more easy cooking without an oven recipes in the future. I think that most parents would like something that's easy to make and doesn't take a long time to cook. For casseroles and meat, if you put them in the slow cooker and set it on low it will cook while you are at work and be done by the time you come home. It makes a better alternative to take-out meals, it's inexpensive and can be prepped the night before. Then in the morning just set it and forget it.

YouTube has a lot of instructional videos listed under Crock Pot Recipes if you don't cook much in yours but would like to. Stay tuned for more recipes and parenting/lifestyle posts.

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