Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Being a WAHM


Baby Shower FavorsIt's been a while since I was able to post anything on my blogs. I have been busy trying to get some new writing clients to be able to continue being a WAHM. I made the decision to not go back to the regular tedium of the 9-5 world when Aiden was born. I worked while all 3 of my other children were growing up and felt like I missed so much of their childhood.

When Aiden came along, I decided I would find a way to earn an income from home so I could be with him to nurture him and watch him grow. I was lucky enough to find a few decent content mills to earn a regular paycheck from.

My Squidoo lenses have started to earn some residual income from ad revenue and from a few Amazon sales. So I decided to devote more time to my lenses and try to increase my affiliate sales. I signed up with a few programs through Commission Junction for kids and babies.

One site I love is Corner Stork baby Gifts, it almost makes me wish Aiden was still a tiny baby....I am an affiliate of the site so I make a commision on purchases made through my blog, but I make it a policy not to promote any site I would not personally buy from. They have some great gifts for moms-to-be and for baby showers. You can check them out here...Shop Baby Gifts Under $25